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Papi Churro

Since 2015, Papi Churro has been performing throughout the Austin Drag Scene. Son of Drag Queen, Zane Zena, Papi Churro won Mr. Capital of Texas for Life during his first year as a performer. He has since, performed in San Antonio, Dallas, San Marcos, Humboldt Co., Brooklyn, Chico, CA and San Francisco. He is a cast member for Die Felicia. He is also a co-producer for Boiz of Austin and Toybox with Papi Churro and Chique Fil Atio and Joterias. He made top three on the Youtube series, King Me: Rise of a Drag King, performed during Bushwig 2017 and is currently working on The Drag King Project with Tucker Noir, Spikey Van Dykey and Mad Max Morrison. 

Photo credit: Javier Gonzalez

Call him Papi

What is a Goth Cholo

My name is Papi Churro, and I am a Drag King based in the Austin area who strives to tell stories through performance art for all my patrons.

"At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can."

Frida Kahlo


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Bushwig 2017

They Live. We Sleep.


512 461 4033

Austin, TX, USA