My Work


In this act, I took a character from Suicide Squad, Diablo, and paid homage to my ancestors. There's not a lot of representation for Chicanos and I really wanted to invoke the beauty of our culture with this character. This is one of my favorite performances.

Tufts University Annual Drag Show

I had the pleasure of going out to Boston for the Annual Tuft's University Drag show. Everyone was very welcoming and really loved what I had to offer as a performer. I am so grateful to them and I can't wait to come back!

Afraid of Americans

This performance was important to me as a POC performer. I understand first hand what is like to not be welcomed in this country even though me and my family are native to this continent. I wanted to expose what it looks like when people are xenophobic. At the time of this piece, many were concerned with Syrians entering this country for refuge. I had a huge problem with people's intolerance as the people complaining had their ancestors migrate into this continent for refuge as well.

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