Creato Review – How Does Creato Compare to Other Content Creators?

In this article, we’ll review Creato and see how it compares to other content creators. This can help you decide whether or not this is the right platform for your business.

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In the early years of Creato, a natural evolution in their business model emerged. Increasing proficiency in Lean methodologies by hospital teams meant that more projects could be conducted, and that those projects demanded a new level of organizational support. Creato responded by developing a robust infrastructure to enable hospitals to conduct and manage their performance improvement projects. This resulted in a dramatic increase in client satisfaction and ROI, with one client noting that the return on their investment was 7:1.

Creato’s infrastructure evolved again with the recognition that emotional intelligence (EQ) was a critical factor in the success of individuals conducting the performance improvement work. This led to the development of a process that identifies the most capable individuals for Lean and Six Sigma training based on their EQ scores. This was so successful that it became an integral part of the training offered by all Creato clients.

Today, Creato continues to expand its offerings, including training the leaders of tomorrow. Through an agreement with The University of Michigan’s graduate program in Health Services Management & Policy, Creato provides online training in Lean to first and second year students. Moreover, Creato’s EQ assessment is also used by other organizations to help them select the best candidates for their leadership programs and other performance improvement initiatives.

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The Mission

Creato enables clients to progress from early stages of competence in performance improvement to world-class performance. Through a highly-evolved product/program roadmap, Creato focuses on the most important and strategic aspects of performance improvement: leadership development and project selection. Clients benefit from a proven, repeatable process and the confidence that their projects will deliver the desired results. Creato’s track record is remarkable – in two of the three Malcolm Baldrige Award winning organizations, the contact at that organization recognized the role played by Creato.

Creato’s focus on leadership development has led to a thriving practice in the field of emotional intelligence and the use of it to enhance management teams’ ability to conduct continuous improvement projects. This work has also provided a solid basis for our publications, which have helped to sustain our position as industry thought leaders.

The Creato story continues to evolve, reflecting the changing needs of healthcare organizations. With the onset of financial pressures and reimbursement challenges, it became apparent that hospitals needed to deploy Lean with greater efficiency, and also required a more cost-effective mode of training. Creato responded by introducing the industry’s first method for selecting candidates for Lean training by conducting an EQ assessment of prospective participants and comparing them to a proprietary baseline of successful trainees. This capability has become a core part of nearly every deployment of Lean and Six Sigma, as well as many other programs offered by Creato.

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The Core Values

When company core values are clearly established and communicated, they provide a framework for employees to operate within. They guide decision making and define how company teams treat one another. They also serve as a compass in times of conflict or change, allowing team members to remain centered and grounded. In a time where many people have been exposed to a variety of falsehoods, establishing a set of genuine core values has become even more important for businesses.

In order for a company’s values to be authentic, they must be drawn from the shared core that is revealed through employee stories. If you’re lucky enough to have a wide base of employees that already have these stories, the values will ring true and sink into the company culture. For example, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s first core value is “optimism,” which is a perfect distillation of the passion and perseverance that drives their employees.

To make sure your company’s values are both authentic and memorable, it is helpful to use creative wording and visuals. For instance, the Cogo Labs core values page includes colorful language, a clever bird pun, and unique visuals to capture their brand voice. This approach gives their core values a sense of authenticity, while also increasing their chance of being remembered by potential applicants and clients.

Another way to ensure that your company’s core values are a true reflection of the company is by making sure they are comprehensive and sensible. SpotX’s core values, for example, are grouped into four categories of how their company serves its customers: customer-first, innovative, inclusive, and character-based. They then wrap up their core values with a short affirmation that reinforces their sense of togetherness and common purpose.

Once you have a draft of your company’s core values, take the time to carefully edit them and refine them for clarity. Present them to your employees for feedback, and be prepared for multiple iterations to get the final product just right. After completing this step, consider how you can activate your new core values in the workplace to help them stick. For example, creating a video to accompany your core values can be an impactful way to spread the message and encourage action.

The Company

Creato’s leadership development practice has evolved to meet the demands of today’s healthcare industry. Through years of working with hospital CEOs, the company has gained valuable insights into the challenges of creating and maintaining high performing management teams. These insights are then applied to the design of effective programs and tools to help clients achieve world-class performance. As a result of this work, in one instance a client contact acknowledged that the support provided by Creato was the catalyst for the Malcolm Baldrige Award win.

The company also continues to innovate by developing a series of products for both Lean and Six Sigma training. The first of these was the online training program for Lean, which offered a significant advantage over traditional classroom instruction from both an economic and student perspective. Likewise, Creato’s COMPASS system was developed in response to the need for more accurate and comprehensive candidate assessment tools.

The company is dedicated to its mission of helping organizations achieve their desired outcomes through the use of innovative and practical solutions. To this end, Creato has established strong relationships with organizations such as the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), which make its services available to their members.