Freelance Prodigies Review

Freelance Prodigies Review  is a public community in Skool that offers affordable monthly subscription. The community teaches digital skills like no-code tools expertise and freelance marketing.

It is still new and was only established in January 2024. It has great reviews from within the community and good feedback from clients.

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Freelance Prodigies is a public community in Skool that offers a variety of digital skills training and advice for a low monthly fee. It is created by Perrin Joseph, a Senior React Engineer with over seven years of experience building web apps and who has also built his own online agency.

The program is centered around teaching a straightforward method for making money online that does not involve doing the work yourself. It also includes a detailed case study of how Max Gerstenmeyer made over $50,000 using this method, which gives it credibility and makes it stand out from many other similar programs that only offer vague promises of easy profits without any real-life examples.

In addition to its online courses, the site also provides a variety of free resources, such as videos, webinars, and podcasts on various topics related to freelance writing, web design, and business development. It also has a forum where members can interact and share ideas. It is recommended that new members read through the forum guidelines before posting, as there are rules for behavior and etiquette that should be followed.

One of the most interesting features in Prodigy is its ability to track students’ progress and provide feedback to teachers. This allows teachers to use the platform as a supplement to their traditional classroom instruction, rather than an alternative. While this is a great way to encourage student engagement, it can also lead to over-reliance on the tool for all learning needs. This can be counterproductive to a student’s overall academic performance.

Another problem with the platform is its aggressive upselling tactics. For example, kids without Premium memberships are constantly reminded of their “lesser” status through in-game comparisons. They see other children riding on clouds in flashy costumes while they wear plain clothes. They are also encouraged to buy new outfits and items through pop-up ads.

Despite its problems, Freelance Prodigies is an excellent way to build a portfolio of online skills and gain valuable experience in a variety of areas. The program also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which reduces the risk for new users and helps them get started with confidence.

Who is the Genius Behind Arbitrage Prodigy?

Trevor Carr is a seasoned expert who’s well-known for his successful product launches and contributions across multiple online marketing niches. His previous offerings like the Affiliate Directive, Xmissions, Divine, Ebook Cash, Pocket Profits, Pinpoint Commissions, FaceOff, and Fiverrocket have garnered an extraordinary response from buyers and proven their worth in the market. This time, he has collaborated with Max Gerstenmeyer and Fergal Downes to launch Arbitrage Prodigy, a new system that teaches individuals an easy-to-follow strategy for earning money online without spending much effort on it.

What makes this program unique is that it offers a simple yet straightforward method of making profits online, which allows users to act as middlemen in product sales and keep substantial profits for themselves. It teaches how to make money by selling services that businesses genuinely need, either by outsourcing the work and keeping the price difference, or by employing artificial intelligence to handle orders.

While this is not the most lucrative method of earning online, it’s certainly a very safe and reliable one. It also has the advantage of not requiring any investments from the user, as there are no initial startup costs involved. Moreover, it’s completely legal and does not require any technical knowledge, making it perfect for novices.

Those who want to learn the tricks of the trade can subscribe to Freelance Prodigies for a monthly fee. This program teaches the basics of starting an agency, understanding common early failures, and basic sales techniques. Additionally, it provides insights into effectively growing a social media presence and acquiring clients within a week.

While the program does not have many reviews outside its website and community, internal student feedback is largely positive. Dev Aryan, a university student, said that the program helped him understand client prospecting and sales pitches. He also learned how to write scripts and build his own digital agency. Another student, Jeremy Clark, found the mentorship helpful in learning about the nuances of agency work. He is now confident that he can successfully start his own business. Besides offering expert advice, the platform also lets students connect with other members and swap ideas.

Is Arbitrage Prodigy Worth It?

As the name suggests, Arbitrage Prodigy is a service that teaches users how to earn money online by capitalizing on price variations in service markets. The program provides an easy-to-follow business model that allows users to connect with buyers and sell high-demand services. The program also teaches users how to use artificial intelligence to complete tasks for a fraction of the cost, making it a valuable asset for anyone seeking passive income opportunities.

The program has received positive reviews from students, with some reporting successful earnings and business growth. However, the program lacks external reviews due to its relatively recent start on Skool in January 2024.

Moreover, the site’s egregious upselling tactics can detract from the learning experience. For example, students without Premium memberships are constantly reminded of their inferior status via egregious visual cues. Kids without Premium members are shown walking in dirt while those with premium memberships ride around on clouds. This type of shaming is counterproductive and should be avoided.

In addition to its free services, Arbitrage Prodigy offers a comprehensive suite of premium tools that help students learn math through fun interactive lessons. The tool’s unique features allow students to work through challenges at their own pace and develop their problem-solving skills. These features include a speaker to say the question, a hint button for help, detailed explanations of the required skill, and a drawing tool that lets students build their own problem solutions.

While the program isn’t for everyone, its ease-of-use and affordability make it an attractive choice for many students. In addition, the company’s commitment to customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee provide added peace of mind.

Are the Community Members of Arbitrage Prodigy Getting Results?

While no formal evaluation of the program is available, internal student feedback reveals that it’s effective. Many members report securing clients and making substantial profits after following the course. Others are leveraging the exclusive Arbitrage Prodigies software to streamline service delivery and identify high-quality leads.

According to its website, the program teaches how to build a profitable freelance business using AI. The training is aimed at both new and experienced online workers. It offers 2 main methods of earning a profit, including providing services to customers and promoting products. In addition, the software helps with finding potential clients and connects you with fulfillment providers.

One of the most popular strategies taught in this program is leveraging Fiverr’s 4.3 million active buyers to generate passive income. It claims to teach users how to earn $200 to $500 per day, seven days a week without any technical skills or significant effort. This method has been successful for some, but it’s not a surefire way to make money.

This program is ideal for people who want to make a full-time living as an independent freelancer. It teaches users how to find high-ticket clients and sell them services like digital marketing and email copywriting. It also covers how to optimize websites and optimize their social media accounts.

The program also covers the best practices for landing high-ticket clients and creating a client-focused agency. It covers topics such as building trust dynamics, the psychology of sales, and subconscious reprogramming. It also includes a 21-day mindset challenge to help students develop the right skills for success.

Unlike other freelancing programs, this one focuses on helping members create and run their own agencies. It teaches a proven system for attracting and managing clients, including how to use tools such as midJourney and ChatGPT. It also teaches members how to grow their audience and convert visitors into paying customers. It also includes a community to support and network with fellow freelancers. This community is open to the public and is a great resource for those looking to get started in the freelance industry.